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A friend of mine and fellow writer, Katherine Mayfield, tagged me in a Blog Hop called “The Next Big Thing.” She asked me to join her in answering a number of questions about my book that I am working on now. Well, why not?! So here goes:

The Title of my latest book: Crisis Becomes You, Sadie and Irving

Genre: Fiction

The idea for this book came from: watching a Dr. Phil show about two real people who are now characters in the book.

Who would play the main characters in the film version?

Billy Crystal would have to play God, Amy Irving- Sadie, Alan Arkin-Irving, Julianna Margulis- Angel Varode, and Adam Arkin- Angel Kochol.

The storyline in one sentence:

Two Jewish ghosts get sent back to Earth to fix the Universe while God has a bit of a breakdown in the meantime.

Self publish or Agency: I hope to be represented by an agency.

I’ve been working on this novel:  2.5 years

I’d compare this story to:

Books by Saul Bellows, Bernard Malamud, Issac Bathshevis Singer, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

What inspired me to write this book: is my ongoing interest in the many varied beliefs about God’s job in the world. Is God meant to answer our prayers or does God stay out of our lives after setting creation in motion. Are our prayers like quarters that we put into coke machines to get what we want back?

What else about my book might pique the reader's interest?

I hope it’s funny and makes you laugh, and that it makes you think in a new way about some serious issues.

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